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Welcome to the KCNHUB-WS System Wiki!

This wiki details all the ways in which the system is configured, as well as how to modify and use the KCNHUB system!


The KCNHUB system is a Linux based system, based on the NixOS distribution. NixOS has a few major differences from common Linux distributions:

  • The system configuration is fully described a set of configuration files, including, but not limited to:
    • Packages installed on the system
    • Users, groups and permissions
    • Servers (HTTP, Git, etc) and their respective configuration
  • The system is reproducible, its history of changes is tracked and easily reversible

However, with this comes a fair few differences from traditional Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, and Fedora. Packages are not readily downloadable in factors such as RPM/deb formats. Instead packages are described via "nix derivations".

This shouldn't result in an issue as Nix has the largest repository of updated packages compared to any other Linux distribution [1]!

In case you need to run packages that are only available on another Linux distribution:

  • File an issue on this repository requesting the package
  • Use a container (podman or singularity) of the distribution required to run the software

This Wiki is still being worked on, if you feel something is missing, please: file an issue!

Logging In:


Once you've gotten your account you can login through username@ws.kcnhub.com


To login to this page for filing issues, feature requests, or changes to this wiki: login with your system account credentials.